We’re working for racial, social and economic justice through grassroots community organizing and policy-change. Join us.

Black Organizing Project is reviving the spirit of Oakland’s Black community through relationship building, leadership development, political education and policy-change.

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Here’s how we’re getting there

Strengthening the Community

By exploring black art, culture and political education, BOP members feel connected to their community, their history, and to themselves.

Youth Space

Developing a new generation of black leadership that will build a community of trust, love, and consciousness.

Bettering Our School System

We’re working to end the criminalization of Black and Brown youth in Oakland, CA. Read our report on the impact of policing Oakland youth to learn more.

I got involved with BOP because being actively involved with the Black community is important to me. That is just how my father raised me; to never turn my back on our community.
Jarrett Adams
I became a member of BOP because I was in need of a space to grow, be respected, and loved while working in the community. BOP is a family away from family. Every individual opinion and idea is valued.
Kgathaso Adams
I like all the events and outreach because I get to talk to new people and go out in the community. Being a BOP member has helped me talk to people and I’m not as nervous as I used to be.
Damion Martin

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