The George Floyd Resolution

Approval by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 1920-0260 –
George Floyd Resolution to Eliminate the Oakland School Police Department

Developed from BOP’s Peoples’ Plan for Police Free Schools (2019) and an accumulation of a 9 year organizing campaign launched in 2011, the George Floyd Resolution (GFR) was passed June 24, 2020 making Oakland Unified School District the first district in the country to eliminate an entire school police department. In addition to eliminating Oakland Unified District’s internal police department, the GFR directed the superintendent to reallocate funds previously used for sworn police officers, to student supports and resources, such as school-based social workers, psychologists, restorative justice practitioners, and other mental or behavioral health professionals.  We also won a seat at the table as co-convener of the policy implementation process.   

Through the implementation of the GFR, community members work alongside the district to craft alternatives to police and punitive discipline practices. We understand that eliminating this department was just the beginning of ensuring true safety for all students and families in OUSD. We will continue the fight to ensure that the spirit of the resolution is sustained and the needs of our Black and Brown students and families are prioritized.