Zachary Clarke

Position: Organizer
Categories: BOP Team

Zachary is a California transplant who was  was raised in Camden– a small , segregated town in New Jersey.  For him, growing up in Camden was rough— however through the support of family and friends and joining his high school  track team– he was able to stay away from trouble and navigate his circumstances. Growing up in Camden, Zach saw education as a way out and dreamed of eventually teaching kids who came from similar environments, that it is possible to make it outside of your current situation.

Zach earned his  BA degree in Early Childhood Education from Coppin State University in Baltimore , Maryland. There he gained the tools he needed to fulfill his dream and start his career.  He hopes that through his experience and expertise, he can serve as real life example and be a real companion to Black youth who may have had to jump over a few hurdles in life.