Travis Thompson

Position: Communications Specialist
Categories: BOP Team

Travis, Southern grown with Caribbean roots, was born in Miami, Florida with a Trinidadian upbringing.  He has lived in the Bay Area for over 5 years and has been working in the design field ever since. Growing up in The South,  Travis has used his lived experience to inform his beliefs and the community work he chooses to be a part of. Although Travis has always been an artist of sorts– he has strongly focused more into  Graphic Design and hopes to bring his creative eye and unique skill set to BOP. He loves sharing his views and experiences of his life while also learning about other experiences and other perspectives.

It is a passion for Travis to convert his surroundings into a visual creative aspect that speaks not only to a mainstream audience, but to regular everyday Black people.  He gets great satisfaction from being a resource of any way he can for his people. He hopes that through BOP he can continue being an engaged member in his community and  create visuals that tell a different, more authentic story of the Black community.