Ni’Keah Manning

Position: Program Coordinator
Categories: BOP Team

Ni’Keah has always had a passion for Black youth and families. A San Francisco State University alumnus , Ni’Keah was initially introduced to BOP through her field of study– Child and Adolescent Development with a concentration in Policy, Advocacy and Systems.

Ni’Keah came to BOP as a volunteer with no prior organizing knowledge or experience. Despite her lack of experience, once here,  she knew that indulging in this work full-heartedly was her responsibility.

Inspired by Black people’s resilience against power structures and other adversities, Ni’Keah believes that by prioritizing genuine relationship building and understanding first,  she can help her community rediscover its power.

For Ni’Keah, BOP is a welcoming, safe space that fosters dedicated people, through engaging with the community. Through her work with BOP and beyond, Ni’Keah hopes to ultimately help unveil the innate    power of  Black people in both children and adults.