Black Love = Black Liberation

by Jasmine Williams, Staff Writer
March 2, 2017

As we wrap up the month of love we must pay homage to a type of love that serves as a foundation of hope and strength for millions of people. A love that is unrelenting, unconditional, and eternal: Black Love. Black people are born into the world with a target on our backs. We are the target of exploitation, of public ridicule and hate. We are the targets of a system that was designed to teach that same hate to ourselves about our history and each other.  Despite this, we still still exist. We still create. We still live. We still love. That strength speaks volumes over the screams of a society saying  otherwise: You aren’t good enough, You will never amount to anything, you are destined to fail.  

Black And Beautiful by Dame Drummer  (Feat. Zion I Crew, Kev Choice and One TruthThePoet), Is a reminder of that love. The video featuring BOP member Juanita Taylor and youth members, Dame and Demi Taylor, Treston Rawlins and Imani Snodgrass, beautifully captures Black love in one of its earliest and most innocent forms: within the Black youth.  Watch “Black And Beautiful” at and may it serve as reminder that–in a political climate that is thriving off of hate and fear–  love is always the foundation, and as we grow to love ourselves, we must also remember to share that love out to our loved ones, our community, and eventually, even our enemies. It is the extension of unconditional love that will support and protect us in hard times to come.

In Unity Yall.