The Black Organizing Project (BOP) is working for racial, social, and economic justice through grassroots community organizing and policy change. Join us!

We Make
A Difference

Strengthening the Community

BOP creates safe Black spaces for our community to come together and identify the assets and issues that impact our communities the most. The practice of healing starts with being able to struggle together. 

Bettering Our School System

BOP is working to end the criminalization of Black and Brown youth in Oakland, California and beyond. In 2020, we successfully eliminated the Oakland Unified School District’s internal police department. We are committed to continuing this work!

MultiGenerational Organizing

Developing a new generation of black leadership that will build a community of trust, love, and consciousness

Black Organizing Project

is reviving the spirit of Oakland  and the Bay Area’s Black community, through relationship building, leadership development, political education, and policy change.

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