Our power comes through our members.

BOP emphasizes the importance of developing a base of Black leaders who can have influence over the decisions that our communities are most impacted by. Being a membership-led organization means our members participate in every aspect of the organizing.

We have teams and committees that are made up of BOP members who have, or wish to develop a particular skill. From event planning and outreach to the development of our organizing strategy, BOP members take the lead.

BOP is a real opportunity to build relationships with the people in your community.

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I came to BOP by way of a gig. I was playing drums for an event and I saw black people interacting with each other in a collective way without hating on each other and that was new to me. Everybody’s my family here, whether it’s those who have been around for years or the new members that make our family grow. That’s what keeps me around.
Phillup Byers
“I love the Black Organizing Project because we are a family and we practice loving each other on a daily basis. That’s where real transformation takes place, when you realize that love is the source of human life and that it is the starting point to building healthy communities. This is what BOP is and that’s the framework from which we develop policies and demonstrate systemic change that impacts our lives.
Jasmine Jones